Servicing, Repair & Maintenance

RADII Teknologi Sdn. Bhd. is pleased to introduce our Mobile Clinic Program which provides a range of Service, Repair & Maintenance of the Motorola Two-Way Radio Communication Equipment and Accessories at your own premise [Office/Warehouse/Factory/Hotel].

Benefits for Customer:-

Save Money

Fast Turnaround Time for Repairs:
Minimized Downtime

Quality Assured

We shall provide and perform the following works F.O.C.:-

  • Perform visual inspection to assess the physical condition / damage to equipment & accessories.
  • Carry-out receiver / transmitter test for all equipment in-accordance with the maintenance manual.
  • Record alignment results. All results should be within specification & in-accordance with the maintenance manual.
  • Perform operation check and frequency stability check.
  • Check all rechargeable battery condition and service the battery contact [applicable for portable radio only].
  • Inspect all battery chargers for faulty indication and contact condition [applicable for portable radio only].
  • Software/Firmware upgrade [if applicable].

Upon completion of the above-mentioned, we will produce a Service Report to show our findings and recommendations. Upon customer’s written approval and confirmation, we will then carry-out all the repairs and replacement.

Important Note: ALL or Any Spare-Parts and Accessories replacement will be CHARGEABLE.

Supporting Models – DIGITAL / ANALOGUE [UHF & VHF]:-

Portable            : XiR P8200 series, XiR P8600 series, XiR P6600 series, XiR P3688 series, SL1K, SL2K, SL1M, GP Series & CP1300.

Moblie                : XiR M8200 series, XiR M8600 series, XiR M6600 series & GM Series.

Repeater           : XiR R8200, MTR3000, SLR5300, CDR500 & CDR700.

PLEASE CALL US NOW…. at +603-3168 8328 [Fadzila / Ms. Lee] to fixed an appointment.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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