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With the SAILOR 6217 VHF DSC Class D AIS Receiver, you get the toughest professional VHF radio, combined with highly accurate AIS receive functionality.

This makes it a vital safety enhancing tool for workboats and fishing vessels operating in busy waterways, because you can be confident in your ability to communicate and the integrity of the AIS data you receive.


Dual parallel channel operation

Building on the SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D, the SAILOR 6217 VHF DSC Class D AIS Receiver integrates a two channel parallel AIS Receiver, which enables it to perform a constant watch of both AIS channels, rather than switching between them. This provides greater safety through better situational  awareness, because you get a seamlessly updated view of AIS equipped vessels in the surrounding area at all times. The SAILOR 6217 VHF DSC Class D AIS Receiver also has an increased 6 MHz receiving bandwidth. This ensures sufficient bandwidth to receive all AIS Class A transmitters that may transmit in the entire maritime VHF frequency range so you can be sure of your ability to receive AIS data from all commercial shipping within range.


Integration with existing systems

The SAILOR 6217 VHF DSC Class D AIS Receiver can be easily connected to any NMEA 0183 chart plotter so all signals can be viewed and plotted on a vessel’s existing equipment. With a clear picture of your surrounding area and the ability to communicate in even the most extreme conditions, you can put more time and energy into getting the job done.


Professional VHF radio

Designed with reliability and ease-of-use in mind, the SAILOR 6217 VHF DSC Class D AIS Receiver belongs at the helm of any vessel crewed by professionals.


Features include:

  • Full waterproof to IPx8
  • SAILOR Replay Function
  • Easy to read display with red backlight and dimming
  • High quality, powerful loudspeaker
  • Interfaces for AIS output and optional loud hailer
  • Dual-watch/Tri-watch and scanning


Flexibility for all vessel types

The high quality SAILOR 6202 Hand Microphone is delivered as standard with the SAILOR 6217 VHF DSC Class D AIS Receiver, however, you can connect up to two Hand Microphones or Handsets to the system. The ergonomically designed SAILOR 6202 Hand Microphone and SAILOR 6203 Handset WP have built in PTT function, microphone and loudspeaker, and are both waterproof to IPx6.

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