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Product Description

The FURUNO MU-Display is a multi-purpose display that features the unmatched Furuno quality and reliability that you have learned to depend on. This color monitor features a wide range of interface capabilities that will accommodate virtually all of your marine display needs.

The MU-Display series employs bright TFT LCDs with special AR (Anti-Reflective) glass filter to cut down on annoying glare. With its bright colors, excellent contrast and wide viewing angles, the monitor is perfect for any tropical sunlight or low light conditions. Furthermore, the LCDs and the glass are bonded to ensure fog free operation on open fly-bridge installations.

These units feature a wide range of interface options that include: RGB analog, DVI (Digital Video Interface) and composite video inputs.

These displays may be used as either the main or remote display for a variety of marine equipment such as BlackBox Radar, Sonar and NavNet series. They can also be used for displaying images from security cameras, DVD player, computers, etc.

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