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Stunning performance, amazing range / Advanced Solutions Built on World-Proven Sonar Technology. Thanks to recent advancements in low-frequency transducer elements, signal processing and increased transmission power, detection range has been increased by a full 30%. You can instantly spot and follow schools of fish from several kilometers away. Histogram of size distribution and volume estimates can be displayed immediately upon locking the target on any given school of fish. The FSV series of Furuno Scanning Sonar has long been a favorite among commercial fishermen, and the FSV-35/85 carries on that tradition. The FSV series provides reliable and consistent detection of fish and seabed conditions with revolutionary, enhanced signal processing technology. To make operation even easier while underway, you can assign frequently used features to the FSV-35/85’s dedicated Function keys. Preset modes are also provided for instant setup of the equipment according to fishing ground or target species.

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