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Increase your fishing efficiency by using highly accurate current information. The FURUNO CI-88 is a Doppler Sonar Current Indicator designed for every type of fishing vessels and hydrographic survey vessels. The high-definition 10.4” color LCD continuously presents tide speed and direction at three depth layers simultaneously in addition to ship’s speed and drift. This variety of current information allows you to predict net shape and plan when to throw your net. There are six presentation modes: tide vector, ship’s speed, echo level, text, track and tide log. Mode selection is simple by pressing the dedicated button. Other menu settings are also easily made by using the cursor pad or rotary knob. The CI-88 features the unique, user customizable “function button” to shortcut menu operation. Once you have registered the often-used function, then just press the dedicated button and then the function window pops up. The CI-88 has a triple-beam emission system for providing highly accurate current measurement. This system greatly reduces the effects of rolling, pitching and heaving motions, providing a continuous display of tide information. There are four modes for measurement: ground tracking, water tracking, NAV and Automatic. In the NAV mode, when ground (bottom) reference is not available acoustically in deep water, the CI-88 can provide true tide current information by receiving position data from a GPS navigator and heading data from a gyrocompass or a GPS compass.

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