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Product Description

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max blends innovation, user feedback and Motorola’s extensive real-world experience to deliver a scalable, highly secure trunked radio communications solution that’s perfect for your business. Supporting up to 15 sites with up to 3,000 users per site, it’s easy for you to grow and change your system as your needs evolve.

The Capacity Max architecture is optimised for high performance, high efficiency and graceful scalability. It enables instant, reliable voice and data communications, better decision-making and seamless coordination across a single campus or a large-scale operation.  Powerful management tools give you complete control over the system – all from a single workstation. And, since it is ETSI DMR Tier III compliant, you can be confident that you are investing in open standard technology with global support.


Enhanced Transmit Interrupt & GPS Suite

MOTOTRBO™ Enhanced Transmit Interrupt & GPS Suite ensures your

communications always stay open and ready for challenges. This latest release provides new system features and repeater enhancements, enabling you to share timely information, collaborate effectively and respond at all times. And the results are clear: effective communications deliver effective business.


Telephone Interconnect

A sales rep visiting his biggest account. The receptionist fielding calls in the

home office. A supervisor overseeing shipments in the warehouse. One reaches

for his mobile phone, the other for her desk phone, and the third for a portable

radio. Until now, they couldn’t talk to each other on different devices using divergent technologies. But MOTOTRBO Digital Telephone Interconnect bridges that divide for digital two-way radio users.

MOTOTRBO Digital Telephone Interconnect seamlessly links landline and mobile phones with two-way radios. So employees who don’t carry a two-way radio, such as sales teams and office staff, can talk to radio users – whether it’s a private call to a single radio or a group call to multiple people. And employees with two-way radios can dial a landline or mobile phone and speak directly to anyone.



Across a manufacturing plant or around a hotel property, MOTOTRBO Digital

Telephone Interconnect helps you connect efficiently and cost-effectively. Now you can increase the number of people communicating with one another without having to carry multiple devices or pay multiple service bills.

And to further your savings, you can leverage your existing Analog Phone Patch (APP) box equipment. So if you’re using an analog patch today, you can migrate to MOTOTRBO digital technology and simply transfer your APP box to the new

system by setting it up with the Digital Telephone Interconnect feature.

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